Michael Wu
Michael Wu
29. November, 2021.
Incredibly Worthwhile and Enlightening We did the "Footsteps of the Greats" tour with Professor Stasinos Stavrianeas. During the tour, we visited the remains of Plato's Academy and Aristotle's Lyceum, two of the greatest philosophy sites of antiquity. Our guide, Stasinos, was very knowledgeable and had so much to teach us about philosophy, history, and more. I would definitely recommend Greek Philosophy Tours to anyone interested in learning more about Ancient Greece and philosophy. Everything was handled perfectly, the experience was very smooth, and we enjoyed every moment.
7. December, 2019.
Very highly recommended What a wonderful, memorable, transformative experience! Dimitra Baikou and her staff are excellent: knowledgeable, attentive, competent, and delightful. I booked two tours back-to-back--customized for my wife and me--as a professor of philosophy with special interests. The first tour was of the mainland, the second included four islands: Mykonos, Delos, Santorini, and Crete. From day 1 to day 15, every detail was carefully arranged. The guides were first-rate and patient with our many questions. The drivers were highly professional and fun. Hotels were excellent. I will be processing this experience for years. My wife and I now claim Dimitra as a friend. --Dan DeNicola
13. November, 2019.
Such an enlightening experience GPT was flexible enough to offer us what we wanted. We chose to book 8 hours, spread over 3 days - 2 in Athens, one on Delphi. And we chose the topic: the Presocratic philosophers. We met Stasinos Stravrianeas, professor of philosophy at the University of Patras. Fluent in English (Master and PHD in Edinburgh), he was able to adapt his to audience, ready to tackle any subject and to challenge any point of view. It is was such an Enlightening experience. Thank you, Stasinos.
9. October, 2019.
Amazing! I did the Footsteps Of The Greats tour and had Prof. Stavrianeas as the guide. While visiting the sights of Plato's Academy, the Academy Museum and Aristotle's Lyceum we Philosophsised and had some deep discussions about Metaphysics while also having an insight into the history of the ancient Philosophers. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone who is interested in Ancient Greek Philosophy.
13. July, 2019.
A Superb and Uniquely Tailored Experience I have very specific interests in the history of philosophy, so when planning a recent trip to Athens I reached out to Greek Philosophy Tours to see if they could provide a guide with expert knowledge in those areas. The experience was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. The professor they recommended as guide was a perfect match for my needs. The company facilitated discussions prior to our arrival in Athens leading to a customized agenda perfectly suited to my interests. From my initial contact, to the introduction to our guide, to scheduling and payment, to the "tour" itself, everything was handled promptly and professionally. The "tour" itself was as interesting and engaging as I had hoped. It turned out that the professor and I have some mutual friends and acquaintances, and I left feeling that I had not only met an excellent guide and scholar, but made a new friend. We enjoyed a lively discussion that I think all of the participants, including our guide, will remember. More than a tour, it was an active exchange of ideas. I cannot recommend this company, or the experience they provide, highly enough. If you are interested in something more stimulating than the typical walking tour through Athens, Greek Philosophy Tours can make it happen.
18. June, 2019.
Incredible Educational Experience Truly amazing experience, learned a lot about Greek philosophy, and enjoyed the stimulating conversation with our guide.
27. May, 2019.
Well organised tour, excellent customer service. Greek Philosophy Tour organised our school trip to Greece for thirty students and four teachers. The company tailored this trip to our school's Philosophy Short Course and Classical Studies content. We walked in the steps of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, visited places linked to the birth of democracy; visited the Acropolis, the Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Nafplio and Cape Sounion. All the tour guides were highly erudite and friendly. The company provided two English speaking hosts who were at our disposal 24/7. We couldn't have asked for kinder and more professional hosts. Our hotel was in an attractive tourist area five minutes walking distance from Plaka. We wholeheartedly recommend this company!

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One Day Athens Tour

Explore the ancient city a little further in a “philosophical” manner while walking together around the Ancient Agora of Athens and the Acropolis Hill.

One day tour in the footsteps of the Greats

A “real” one-day philosophy tour.If you are interested in some of the major moments of western philosophy join us to walk together on the steps of Plato in his Academy and of Aristotle in his Lyceum.
5 day tour

5-Day Classical Tour

From Athens to Epidaurus and from Hydra and Spetses island to Ancient Olympia. An unforgettable tour, unique, enjoyable and priceless.

8-day Classical Greece Tour

Visit the most important places of Classical Greece in this multi-day in-depth tour of Greece. Athens, Delphi, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Tiryns and Ancient Olympia are all included.
Athens Academy

Educational Tours

Unique educational tours for students and groups. Do you want to discover Greece through a unique perspective and experience?

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