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An intriguing educational journey to Ancient Greece and Greek Philosophy

Ancient Theatre
Stoa of Attalos

Want to learn about Greece and our civilization's origins?

Greek Philosophy Tours offers an authentic and enriching travel experience through educational tours for groups of students, scholars and Greek culture lovers.

Discover Greece through the unique perspective Greek Philosophy Tours provides. Your students or group will enjoy lectures by acclaimed Philosophy Professors, like Efimia Karakantza and Stasinos Stavrianeas ,at renowned places of archaeological interest. Topics include philosophy, archaeology, history and mythology.

Discuss and learn from experts in their field why Greece, the country that gave birth to philosophy, is called the cradle of civilization. And do so at the same place,where the Ancient Philosophers taught their own students.

Our unique proposition,not only offers that, but also offers visits to all iconic sites Ancient Greece has to offer to our current world, where you will dwell in its history and magnificence, guided by our handpicked team.

What we offer

Safety and convenience first

  • Travel Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • 24/7 Tour Director
  • Extra English speaking staff on stand-by during the whole trip

Everything is thought in depth. Our mission is to take care of every single detail and all the procedure during your trip. We are dedicated to provide to you, as a teacher/escort, and your students a carefree and memorable travel experience.

Our Services

  • Accommodation in hotels in the historical center of Athens, one of the most safe locations of the city.
  • Regional style meals in carefully handpicked restaurants – Special diets are provided upon request.
  • Sightseeing tours guided by knowledgeable and expert tour guides.
  • Academic lectures according to your students’ level and your preferred topics.
  • Entrance fees to all the archaeological sites and the museums and skip the line tickets.
  • Private transfers from/to the airport and during the whole trip.

Extra Activities

However, not everything is about learning and intellectual satisfaction. For a successful and fulfilling educational trip we firmly believe and suggest that learning should be accompanied with physical activities and contact with nature. Thus we can offer the following activities(subject to availability) to make your students’ or group’s trip even more interesting and enjoyable!

  • Water Sports
  • Bike riding
  • Horse riding
  • Theater lessons for acting and play-writing inspiration in the country of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes
  • Pottery workshops for handcraft skills development
  • Agrotourism activities related to ecology, farming and local gastronomy, such as olives picking, grapes harvesting and lessons of cookery and pastry

Let’s work together and discuss the details for your educational tour and let us build an itinerary that suits your needs and specific interests, and will provide your students or group an unforgettable experience.

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