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An intriguing educational journey to Ancient Greece and Greek Philosophy

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Want to learn about Greece and our civilization's origins?

Greek Philosophy Tours offers an authentic and enriching travel experience for groups of students,scholars and Greek culture lovers.

Discover Greece through the unique perspective Greek Philosophy Tours provides. Your students or group will enjoy lectures by acclaimed Philosophy Professors, like Efimia Karakantza and Stasinos Stavrianeas ,at renowned places of archaeological interest. Topics include philosophy, archaeology, history and mythology.

Discuss and learn from experts in their field why Greece, the country that gave birth to philosophy, is called the cradle of civilization. And do so at the same place,where the Ancient Philosophers taught their own students.

Our unique proposition,not only offers that, but it also offers visits to all iconic sites Ancient Greece has to offer to our current world, where you will dwell in its history and magnificence, guided by our handpicked team.

Let’s work together and discuss the details for your educational tour and let us build an itinerary that suits your needs and specific interests, and will provide your students or group an unforgettable experience.

All our services in our educational tours include the following:

  • Transportation and deluxe hotel accommodation.
  • Regional style meals
  • Travel insurance
  • Tour leader with your group 24/7 providing deep local insight
  • Expert local guides, historians, archaeologists and historians of art
  • Expect guides and presentations to be academic, packed with facts and ideas that in all probability you will not have come across before

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