The old…

Thera Then


Almost 4000 years ago, there was a Greek Island -Thera- with an amazing civilization, the best known Minoan outside Crete. Then, the volcano erupted -the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history- and everything was lost, buried in volcanic ash. The island was devastated, the settlements destroyed and a hundreds of meters deep caldera, a giant central, rectangular lagoon, was created.

The big tsunami waves went down 110 km to the south to Crete destroying communities on nearby islands and on the coast of Crete and they might have even destroyed the famous Knossos.

One of the settlements, the town in Akrotiri, had complexes of multilevel buildings, squares and streets. Many of the houses were three stories high with interior stone staircases, wonderful frescoes, furniture vessels and artwork. It also had an elaborated drainage system consisting of a twin system of pipes with running water (hot water?). This town was undoubtedly inhabited by sophisticated and wealthy people.

The new…

White houses at an alive volcano


An island in the shape of a half moon with picturesque alleys, one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world in a spectacular scenery, deep blue waters, snow drift of white houses, white, red and black sand and pebble beaches, a still alive volcano, wild rock formations, vertical multi colored cliffs, unique breathtaking volcanic landscape, ancient cities, fine dining experiences with products from the fertile volcanic soil, excellent wines, nightlife… No wonder why the caldera and the cluster of Santorini islands have been characterized as an area of outstanding natural beauty.