Philosophy Pathways

Join us for an enchanting trip back in time to the dawn
of the ancient Greek philosophy, literature and mythology.

Symposium. The enjoyable way to learn about the Ancient Greeks.

Would you like to combine the physical pleasures that Greece has to offer with the intellectual satisfaction of knowing and understanding more about the Greek cultural heritage and its significance for European thought? Greek Philosophy Tour aims to do just that in an accessible and enjoyable way; get the chance to indulge in some basic pathways of ancient Greek philosophy, literature and mythology.

Join us in our unique concept, Symposium, and find out by yourselves WHY Classical Greek learning is greatly considered to be a joyful thing, carried out in public places often accompanied by food and wine and HOW the Greeks tell stories.

Enjoy a wide range of focused lectures, sessions and enjoyable discussions covering topics of ancient Greek philosophy, poetry, tragedies and science  by acknowledged experts in their fields. This has nothing to do with dry and dusty lectures; this will be entertaining and intriguing.

Here are some of our suggestions, but all topics are welcome

Oedipus? Never heard of him! – How the Greeks tell stories

  • The anger of Achilles (Homer’s Iliad)
  • Encountering dangerous females: Calypso, Circe and the Sirens (Homer’s Odyssey)
  • How to kill a husband (Aeschylus’ Oresteia)
  • Marrying your mother (Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex)
  • Fighting with the God (Euripides’ Bacchae)

Where do we come from? Who are we? Philosophy and Science of the Greeks

  • Explaining the world (Hesiod’s Theogony)
  • The first Physicists (The Presocratic Philosophers)
  • And so science was born (Mathematics, Geometry, Music, Astronomy, Medicine, Urbanism)
  • What about human beings? (Politics, Ethics – Plato, Aristotle)

How to live, how to die. Festivals, Religion, Rituals of the Greeks

  • Worshiping the gods (Athena, Dionysus)
  • When women get together (All women festivals)
  • We are born, live and then die (rituals accompanying the major stages of human life)

We drink wine and converse, just like the Greeks! All topics welcome!

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