Drink to your health… wine is the gift of the god

«Bacchus opens the gate of the heart», said the epic Greek poet Homer. Let us introduce you to Ancient Greek food and wine culture and participate in unique wine taste experiences.


Ancient Greeks and their appellations of origin system

Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, and from the antiquity its wines were famous and exported to the Mediterranean from one end to another.

The most amazing aspect is that the Greeks, having realized the importance of the ecosystem and climate for the production of wine, created an Appellations of Origin System.

In order to protect it, they imposed wine laws with severe penalties on violators and we can see a great resemblance between the legislation of the ancient Greece about quality wines coming from specific areas and that of E.U.

Ancient Greeks winemaking techniques

The wines were stored and transported in airtight ceramic pots called amphorae.

Each city state, which produced and traded wine, had its own shape of amphorae, so it was easy to signify from where this wine had come from.

The amphorae had inscriptions with the year of production, the wine-maker’s stamp and the local ruler’s stamp.

Furthermore, the Greeks introduced winemaking techniques to their colonies in Italy, Sicily and other Mediterranean places.

The god of wine, Dionysus or Bacchus

Wine was not only important for the local economy but it also formed an inseparable part of their daily regimen and was closely connected to their culture and religion.

The god of wine was Dionysus or Bacchus, who offered the vineyard as a gift to the people.

He was a very vivid and erotic god and one of the most worshiped. He inspired artists, philosophers and the lives of everyday people.

He was also the god of ecstasy, ritual madness, fertility, agriculture and theatre. Greeks held many festivals to honor him -called Dionysia- which were celebrated by performing arts and wine drinking.


Wine was also playing an important role in the ancient social intellectual gatherings called Symposia, where conversations about philosophical matters were held over food and wine.

They believed that wine helped them achieve greater intellectual clarity and spiritual awareness and they drunk their wine diluted with water.

The only occasion they drunk “akrato” wine -that is undiluted- was in the morning, when they dipped a piece of bread into it and this was their breakfast.

Participate in unique wine taste experiences

Today the Greek wine is highly respectable and the Greek wine industry has undergone enormous improvement with serious investments in modern wine making technology. Greek wines offer limitless spectrum of choices due to the pluralism in ecosystem, the microclimate and the varieties of the grapes.

Santorini, Crete and the Peloponnese are the ideal destinations for a wine-lover’s trip.

During our wine tours you will have the opportunity not only to taste unique indigenous varieties of wines but also to discover the secrets of wine making, to be introduced to food and wine culture and to participate in unique wine taste experiences visiting the modern and high quality wineries in their scenic locations.

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