We chose Greek Philosophy Tours because we found the 5 day itinerary very interesting.

Dimitra, whom we contacted, was very prompt and efficient in her responses via email and that gave me some assurances. She was helpful and catered to our personal needs (bearing in mind that this was a private tour for the 3 of us). She arranged very experienced and qualified tour guides for us, one of whom was a Professor at a local university.

Our guides for three days, Effimya and Illias, made the tour more meaningful as they gave us the minute details of the history of each and every place we visited. They ‘transported’ us back to Ancient Greece.

Even our drivers, Dimitris and Vangalis were very knowledgeable and made our internal journey fun, enjoyable and informative.

I only wish that we could have seen more during our 5 days in Greece but I guess, all good things have to come to an end.