The Ancient Agora then


A large open area surrounded by buildings of various functions was the place where, through all the periods of the history of the city of Athens, everything happened.  It was the heart of public life, the market and a meeting place, the center of any political, social, commercial, administrative, cultural, religious activity and the seat of justice. People, any kind of people –simple citizens, politicians, philosophers, traders, scientists, solders, slaves– but actually not so many women– sold, bought and traded products there, discussed about business, politics, social events and news, told jokes, gossiped, but also exchanged ideas and shared knowledge.

Some of the world’s best ideas were born here and it is here where the ancient Greek democracy first came to life; In the ancient  Agora of Athens.

So let’s take a virtual tour through the ancient agora

Looking in the Map of the Agora of Athens
in Socrates and Plato’s time


The Ancient Agora today

Life still goes on there and when visiting Athens, Ancient Agora is a place no one should miss.

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