Ithaca. Beauty, charm, peace and tranquility.

A romantic and unspoiled island, where myth meets history, Ithaca is the ideal destination for peaceful vacation, especially for those inspired by colors, smells and senses.


Ithaca, Homer, The Odyssey

“… In what ship, my dear father, did your crew bring you to Ithaca? Of what nation did they declare themselves to be – for you cannot have come by land?”

“I will tell you the truth, my son.” replied Ulysses. ‘It was the Phaeacians who brought me here. They are great sailors, and are in the habit of giving escorts to anyone who reaches their costs. They took me over the sea while I was fast asleep and landed me in Ithaca, after giving me many presents in bronze, gold and raiment. These things by heaven’s mercy are lying concealed in a cave, and I am now come here on the suggestion of Minerva….” Text by Homer’s “The Odyssey


Immerse yourself in the glorious Homeric world

My Nostos Journey is an exceptional treat for devotees of ancient Greek literature, poetry and philosophy, as you relax enjoying your vacation in this beautiful, verdant island in the heart of the Ionian Sea and immerse yourself in the glorious Homeric poetry, the great ancient Greek tragedies and the philosophy pathways of Plato and Aristotle.


Explore Ithaca. Where myth meets history.

  • Accommodation in charming villas with stunning view over the sea and the surrounding islands
  • Enjoy the glorious sun bleached beaches bordering an azure sea, swim in clear, crystal water or just take a seat by the pool and let yourselves to the cicadas’ eternal song.
  • Experience a fascinating private sailing tour around the scenic cost of the island with its countless, spectacular small bays – accessible only by sea – which will make you feel like being in a heaven on earth.
  • The island is a real paradise for nature and hiking lovers. Exploring Ithaca on foot you will find out that its amazing scenery changes dramatically over very short distances. One minute you are in a picturesque village, another you will be found among ancient ruins and next in lush valleys.
  • Take a visit to the archaeological site of Aetos, a significant sanctuary dated in the 9th century BC, which excavated in 1930s by the British School of Athens and the ruins of the acropolis of Alalkomenes.
  • A day sailing trip to Fiskardo Kefalonia, a beautiful, picturesque village in the northeast tip of kefalonia which is one of the most famous and cosmopolitan places in the island. Don’t miss the food experience that Fiskardo offers.

Authentic and Unspoiled

Authentic, untouched and unspoiled, the blessed island of Ithaca stands there, in the middle of the Ionian Sea and awaits us… every single year…




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